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One-stop Overseas Service

Our teams in Canada own rich experiences about studying aboard, we understand deeply the needs of international students.
From Life to Study, the Care of Promising is Always Around You

We provide unique one-stop service package to those who are seeking to study in Canada and transition into permanent residency.

Promising International Education Group, LTD. Service centres provide 15 oversea services to our clients, which include preparation for studying aboard, airport pickups, student settlement, custodianship services, academic counseling, career services, immigration and so on.
Gold Star Membership

A one year service package will be provided to those who need help making a smooth transition during their first year of study

Platinum Membership

A four year service package will cover students’ bachelor studies in Canada, After graduation, we will be assisting the students in finding a major-related job.

Gold Maple Membership

Our ultimate service package which offers almost everything to our clients from study to immigration.

Understanding consulting

Academic Tutoring

We create customized plans for students based on their individualized developments, to help them achieve their goals successfully. Whether you are beginning your jourey to Canada, or you are striving for your study in Canada, you can improve quickly and constantly  by enjoying our Academic Tutoring Services.



From life to study, the prospect of education is everywhere.


    Comprehensive Academic Counseling

    Speaking of study plans, attitude plays an important role. stay active, stay perseverant.


    Strong Goverment Resources, Stable Job Recruitment

    Canada has many industry fields that are in the position to hire experienced job seekers and career-focused individuals who are seeking a fulfilling and exciting career move.


    Customized Immigration Proposal

    Our immigration consultant experts will evaluate your needs across all possible programs and provide you with your unique assessment which will be tailored to your specific needs and you will be informed of the options that are available to you.

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From Life to Study, the Care of Promising is Always Around You




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